Thursday, July 31, 2014

When "Good Enough" Will Do

So I’ve been neglecting my blog. And as I see some of my HU sisters pick up their blogging efforts – in fields regarding the empowerment of women and finance – I think it’s past time that I get back to writing. The reason I created this blog was to talk about “my journey”: not just in pageants, but in real life. Today, my manager and I had a heart to heart and he said something to me that I thought worth sharing with you all.

I cannot recall his exact words, but he told me that: a success may not be at my level of success, but it can still be success.

What does this mean?

Those who know me best know that I can be very particular…. In short, some may say I am a perfectionist. I like to get things done – correctly, timely, and, usually, I like to go ‘above and beyond’ what I am asked to do. The great thing about this is thatit has worked for meit gets me noticed with management and my peers know they can count on me to carry my weight and help us all look good. I catch the small ‘mistakes’ and I’m good at listening to exactly what someone wants in a deliverable. But, as you might guess, not everything about being a perfectionist is fun. The harsh reality is that as I move forward in my career,deliverables I work on are not always only dependent on me: I will have to rely on others to perform, as well. And though they may perform, they won’t always – or even usually – perform to MY level of expectation. That is frustrating.

It is at frustrating moments like this, that I must remind myself (or pray that I have a manger who is kind enough to gentlyremind me) that I cannot always have things my way. I cannot expect people to do what I would do. I cannot get myself worked up over people who will not do things the way I believeis best. What I can do is be confident that I have done my best and that I have supported my team to the best of my ability. Because even though the deliverable isn’t perfect, it’s “good enough” and sometimes that will just have to do.

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