Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Change for a Dollar Movie

Change For A Dollar Movie: (< click title to view movie) Is he asking for Change, or is he asking for CHANGE? Follow a man as he affects multiple peoples' lives with just one dollar, proving that it doesn't take much to be the change in someone's life. Written and directed by Sharon Wright.

In the end, this video reminded me that we are all merely visitors here on this Earth. We are borrowers of what many of us think we own. God has blessed us with tangibles and intangibles...we pass them along to others or hoard them and keep them for our own self-gratification. In this video, the homeless man gives selflessly to others and you see how many lives he was able to impact? Through it all you see that the man's kindness comes back to him (yay! for all you karma lovers); that kindness came back to him because the little boy realized it (his lucky penny) was not his to hold on to, but something to pass along. So, do not hoard up your gifts, your talents, your love, your time, or even your spare change...share them with others in hopes that their lives will be enriched (and maybe, just maybe, your own life will see a little blessing, as well).

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Super Bowl of Pageants

My big brother and I spoke shortly after the Miss America pageant and he laughed and told me that this was like my Super Bowl. I couldn't have agreed more! I was logged on to Twitter and Facebook "reporting" and reading others' comments about the events that were unfolding before me on the television screen. I won't use this entry to rant about the values of the Miss America ("Miss A") system and how I believe that every female should participate in at least one pageant in her lifetime...but I want to take this time to take a look at the questions that were posed to the top 5 finalists. Before I get to the questions, I have one other issue to address... Some people posted saying that "didn't get it" when it came to why Kris Jenner was appointed as a judge - what's there not to get? She's a celebrity, one whose opinion is important (to some extent) in the world of popular culture. Miss A wants to expand her brand - and I would be surprised if some little girl didn't tune in to the show just to see Kris; I think appointing her as a judge was no mistake at all.

Q: Should Miss A be able to declare her political views...
Miss Wisconsin didn't really answer this question (and I get it). 
A: I do believe that we are all entitled to our own opinions (which are generally formed from our life experiences and expectations) - so when put in a situation in which you may be asked to declare where you stand exactly, I simply believe you must be able to back up your stance. So, in a nutshell: yes, I think she should be able to declare her political views.

Q: What should be the extent of the government's involvement concerning obesity in children...
I loved Miss Oklahoma's answer! 
A: I firmly believe that so many problems start in the home; but, with the same token, good values and standards can be taught in the same place. It should be a parent's responsibility to provide for their children what is right and healthy.

Q: Is it right for those in the public eye to use their celebrity to promote their faith (i.e. T. Tebow)...
Miss Arizona nailed this one as well. 
A: I believe that those in the public's eye use their celebrity to promote less important things, like movies, sports drinks, clothes, and smell-goods; so, why not use that same status to promote your religion? But, I am also convicted in knowing that there's a difference when it comes to sharing your faith and shoving it down someone's throat. One thing I probably would not have considered (but Miss AZ was smart enough to comment on) is that we often not only represent ourselves but a bigger body: Tim Tebow represents the NFL and Miss A represents the entire country, so those in such positions must be extra mindful of the messages that they share.

Q: Do the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters have a point and what should be done about it?
I appreciated Miss New York's answer. 
A: I think the protesters have a point - there is a lopsidedness present in America when it comes to wealth, power, and influence. What should be done about it? Politicians need to be reminded that they are the voices of their constituents - they are public servants; they need to listen to what their people are telling them and act. The rules need to be changed on Capital Hill; the American people need to come first.

Q: Do reality shows like "Teen Mom" glorify teenage pregnancy...
Miss California confused me with her answer as she claimed to "support" those shows but agreed it did "glorify" teenage pregnancies, and she said something about feeding the "appetite" for reality programming...
A: My answer? No young woman who: 1) does not like drama 2) desires financial freedom 3) wants to fully enjoy college and/or "just be a teen" would desire to live the life of young girls like Chelsea or Jenelle... But heck! These girls have their nails done, hair died, and skin-tanned -- that's more than some of us without babies can say! So, sure there's a glorification - get pregnant, get a spot on a television show, get thousands of random people to watch you and talk about your drama. You become a mini-celebrity overnight, now who doesn't want that?