Sunday, December 2, 2012

Share Your Gifts

It's Christmas Time! The season of giving (and getting ;)...And in his sermon last weekend, my pastor made a statement that had me reaching for my pen. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "...we all have spiritual gifts and some of you haven't unwrapped yours yet."

It got me thinking: What if someone doesn't know that they have a spiritual gift? Surely no one is gift-less...right? I have always thought that every individual (no matter how strange, rude, or reserved) has a gift that they can share with another or a quality worth admiring. But, sometimes those individuals need a little assistance in finding out what that gift is.

So, how do you go about unwrapping your gift (spiritual or otherwise)? Don't worry - I'll give you a spiritual and a secular option (you can use both if you like).

First, you ask the Lord to give you the opportunity to bless another individual, in whatever way that He sees fit. And then you watch the Lord go to work! (But, make sure you're ready, because sometimes the Lord gives you exactly what you ask for! See: Luke 11:9)

Another way - which is more hands on -  is to volunteer. As some of you may know, my personal platform is about volunteerism and community involvement. I have found that in times where I felt lost or alone, that getting out and giving of myself or joining a group of people who were doing good in the community, always helped to lift my spirits. When you volunteer you find yourself: you find what you are good at in a low-stress, high rewards environment (what more could you really ask for?). Now some of you may be wondering how do you become a volunteer.... Well, that's easy: You volunteer! What I mean is, you ask someone or an organization if they need help. Particularly during this time of year, organizations are looking for extra hands, and your hands might be just the pair that they need. Go to your church, a local school or not-for-profit, or find out what community events are going on near-by, contact the liaison and offer your services. I'd be willing to bet money that they would welcome you with open arms.

So, go ahead and take that next step. Unwrapping your (spiritual) gift isn't nearly as difficult as you thought it would be. I'll leave you with a quote from a very spiritually gifted man:

"Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve." Martin Luther King, Jr.