Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So Tell Me Why You're Really Mad

I recently read an article that talked about the "stupidity" of Beyonce's lyrics to her song "Partition." I will admit here that as many times as I've heard "Partition" it's one of those songs that I can't actually catch the words to - so I had no idea what the song was about. The author of said article explained that the song is describing Beyoncé asking the driver to raise the partition in the limo so that she could give fellatio to her man. The author has decided that the lyrics are "stupid" because they aren't clever enough to subtle. Did you ever consider that B wasn't trying to be subtle? That she wanted to be blunt or only have a few "play on words." The author goes on to call the song (and by proxy its lyrics) degrading and inappropriate, among other things.

So, tell me why you're really mad.
Are you mad because a grown woman wrote a song about giving a guy head?
Are you mad because a married, grown woman wrote a song about giving head to her husband?
Or are you truly mad because she didn't take the time to romantically or cunningly describe fellatio instead of putting it as bluntly as she did?

Some of you believe that Beyoncé is now trying to play into the media and become more sensual. Did you ever consider that she grew up and came in touch with her sensual self?

I would hardly call myself a Beyoncé fan (or even a fan of music, as any of my close friends will tell you); but, some of you need to chill. Beyoncé is now 30 or 40-something - she's no longer the teen of Destiny's Child. She has a husband who she loves. And a side of her that she clearly hasn't felt ready to share with the world until now.

I don't see how having sex or sexual relations with the man you have married is degrading or inappropriate. Allowing your twelve year old to listen to it, though - yeah, that's inappropriate. Expecting Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, or Katie Perry to be role models for your children...that's what I would call stupid. People spend too much time blaming other people for their problems. Kids are running amuck these days and it's society's fault. Where are the parents? The teachers? The community leaders. It's their JOB to be role models. Beyoncé, Miley, and Katie...it's the JOB to be entertainers. (Whether you allow them to entertain you or educate you or influence you...that's your prerogative.)

So, please, tell me why you're really mad.

I'm mad because people seem to worship the ground Beyoncé walks on and I can't tell why. When she secretly released her album several months ago it made the morning news. Like really? Is it that serious? We are obsessed with her child. Everyone curiously upset about the name "Blue Ivy," like "Beyoncé" is a common name or something. Some people act like Beyoncé has personally enriched their lives.... But when I look at her I feel like she has the power to do so much more: to sponsor a program that empowers young girls, to go do some community service (and writing a check doesn't count), I want to see her out changing people's lives actively. And it's funny because it was her song "I Was Here," that made me think of how much she isn't "here." Now, don't get me wrong - she may be out doing something, because like I said I'm not exactly a fan, so I don't follow her every move. But perception is reality. And I'm just calling it as I see it. But, like I said...it's not her job to do community service...but a girl can hope, can't she?

After writing the first draft of this blog, and sharing it with a friend, I do believe I'm willing to bend on one of my statements above. Beyoncé's ability to release an album without any of its content being leaked in today's world may be some type of a miracle....therefore, making it news appropriate. Lol   .

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