Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crummy Attitudes

Customer: << agitated voice >> "Is somebody working here?"
Me: "Sure, ma'am"
Customer: "How much is this?"
Me: "Good morning, how are you?"
Customer: - Silence -
Me: " $24.99 "
Customer: "Well, fine you all can have them then..." << walks off angrily, without the merchandise >>

This was my first exchange with a customer at work this morning. 

What a way to start your day, right? Thank goodness the Lord had blessed me with a good spirit this morning, because I didn't let it phase me. One thing my mother told me when I first started working retail - in a nutshell: your customers don't care if you're having a bad day. I try to remember this philosophy in not only avoiding bringing drama to work, but also remembering that just because one customer is rude doesn't mean the next one will be, too.

But, I think customers forget this "golden rule" as well - I don't care (to an extent) if you're having a bad day. Just because I am a sales associate doesn't mean you can speak to me any way you please. You should respect me and say, "Excuse me" instead of "Hey you..." (I had one father call me in this manner in front of his daughter, and I wondered what kind of an example he was setting for her.) I wonder sometimes if customers realize that speaking on the cell phone at the checkout means I can't offer you a coupon; that when you lean over the counter attempting to decipher my computer screen, I feel like you're leaning over my desk trying to tell me how to do my job; or when you come to the counter and silently stand there expecting me to know exactly what it is that you want, that I don't read minds.

Now, don't get me wrong...the majority of my customers are courteous and kind (even during the holiday season); however, there always seems to be that one customer that just plucks a nerve.

* chuckles * Merry Christmas, everyone.

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